5 Amazing Summer Break Locations Near Water

There is no need to talk more about the benefits of traveling for young people. A lot has already been said on this topic. So if you are currently in college and willing to see the world and expand your horizons, you should start planning your next trip right now. Besides, summer is just around the corner, and you can treat yourself to a nice vacation near the water!

Traditionally, planning a summer break getaway, especially near water, is more expensive than traveling during the academic year when the season is low in most locations. On the other hand, traveling from autumn through spring gives students additional stress. During these months, students still have classes and must complete their homework. Luckily, they can find professionals with a simple search of “write my paper online” and delegate their tasks. Still, traveling in summer, when you’ve got nothing to worry about, is a whole different type of rest.

If you are ready to set off on an unforgettable journey this summer, you should start planning ASAP. And we are here to help. Read on to find out about the top five excellent locations near water for your summer break!

1.  Thailand


Surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand in the South China Sea, Thailand is a precious gem for all travelers, especially students. The country is known for its tropical beaches and luxurious resorts. Also, it’s known for breathtaking ornate temples, ancient ruins, and opulent royal palaces. In contrast to ancient sites and tropical beaches, Thailand has ultra-modern cityscapes and vibrant nightlife. In other words, there is indeed something for every visitor!

Another reason this country is good for you is that it’s fairly cheap. Of course, flights to Thailand can be quite expensive. However, when you get here, the transportation, food, and leisure are very affordable. In fact, it’s much more pocket-friendly than many other similar tropical resorts.

2.  Norway


The next suggestion might not sound like an obvious destination for a summer vacation. However, this beautiful Nordic country has a lot to surprise you with. Norway fascinates tourists with its majestic glaciers, mountains, and coastal fjords. It is surrounded by the Norwegian and North Seas and offers you a wealth of exciting activities.

Although travelers don’t come here to enjoy vacations at the beach, there are many other things that you can do in Norway. For example, fishing, taking boat tours to fjords, hiking, and skiing are among the most popular entertainments here. Moreover, summer is the best time to visit this destination and enjoy all these activities. After all, June, July, and August are the warmest months with the longest days.

3.  Greece


If you want to discover fascinating Europe while in college, Greece is one of the best countries to start with. Located in the South-East of Europe, this country boasts dozens of beautiful islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. For decades, Greece was known as the cradle of Western civilization. To this day, the country preserved a variety of ancient landmarks, including the famous 5th-century B.C. Acropolis Citadel, located in Athens.

Apart from the rich culture, Greece is known for its stunning nature and, of course, beaches. During your stay here, you can enjoy pleasant weather, sun, warm seas, and beautiful mountains. Also, there are plenty of fun activities that tourists can try, both on the water and on land. Indeed, if you are choosing a destination near water for this summer, Greece should be your choice!

4.  Malaysia


If you want to experience unique Asian cultures and have the most memorable trip of your life, Malaysia is another great spot. This place is also known for its fascinating beaches, as well as beautiful rainforests. But, most importantly, it’s known for a unique mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and European cultures that are felt here at every step.

Another point for visiting Malaysia is the price. Similar to Thailand, this destination is considered to be incredibly pocket-friendly. The biggest expense is the flight tickets. However, everything else can be very affordable. What’s more, the memories and experiences you will get here are definitely worth every cent you pay. So don’t hesitate to consider Malaysia as one of the potential locations for your summer getaway to the water!

5.  Maldives


We bet that everyone has heard about it. For years, the Maldives was considered the most luxurious and trending place for beach vacations. This archipelagic state is surrounded by the breathtaking Indian Ocean. The Republic of Maldives consists of numerous islands, each of which is a real gem and a paradise-like destination.

First of all, tourists pick this location for a relaxed and tranquil experience. A getaway to a desert island with no crowds of tourists is a dream come true for many travelers. Besides, this place is known for its spectacular white sands, clear waters, great food, and plenty of fun activities to try.

Of course, we have to admit that this isn’t the cheapest destination. However, it also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are many ways to save on your trip to this place. Namely, you can choose different dates. According to experts, March and April are among the cheapest months to travel here. But, as a student, you will have to find trustworthy paper writing services if you come here during the academic year. However, it’s not really a problem.

The Bottom Line

Planning a summer getaway as a student is surely exciting. If you start now, just a few months down the road, you will be able to sit on a beach and enjoy your life in the sun. And now you have a list of the best destinations to choose for this adventure!

The destinations we shared with you here are all trending and widely known. They attract tourists from all over the world and definitely have a lot to offer you. Now pick the most suitable option and get ready for a memorable vacation!