Surebets in Sports Betting – How to Use Them

The working model of bookmakers is built in such a way that it is almost unrealistic to win on long distances. But, the strategy of bookmaker’s forks provides a chance to win on a regular basis. Using this tactical method, the player does not analyze the course of events, because, with any resultant outcome, he remains in the black. A fork is considered the only win-win option in the game of betting. True, even the most ideal, at first glance, tactics always have their shortcomings.

The meaning of the surebet in the bet

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A bookmaker’s surebet is a situation when it is possible to put money on opposite results of the same sports event and get a guaranteed win. Players who use such tactics of the game are called surebettors.

Such situations occur very rarely, due to the fact that each bookmaker individually evaluates the probability of winning the bet participants, and the odds vary in one direction or another. This means that the two betting companies odds are diametrically opposed to the results of the same event. This situation gives an opportunity to bet on two options, and in any case win.

Such situations are closely related to high competition, and in order to attract new customers, bookmakers often inflate the odds. Surebet can occur in a wide variety of sporting events, but it is better to use it in cases with two outcomes. This principle is most common in sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball and hockey.

The duration of the surebets is short – they disappear in minutes. Bookmakers’ analysts analyze opponents’ odds and suspicious betting flow to get out of such situations instantly. Bettors use specially designed programs to search for surebets self-made ones, and as soon as a fork appears on the official service, there is a big cash flow on it, which leads to its cancellation. The profits are made by fast surebettors.

According to their criteria, surebets are divided into several groups:

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  •  By the number of shoulders: with two outcomes, with three or more;
  • Full and incomplete: in the full one, it is possible to bet on all outcomes, in the incomplete one, it is possible not to bet on a doubtful outcome;
  • Before the start of the match or in live mode.

Surebets can be formed not only before the game, but also in live mode. Such surebets have a higher percentage of profitability, and it is more difficult for bookmakers to follow the “surebettors” in real time. But, there are disadvantages – the odds change very quickly and it is problematic to make a bet in time.

Positives and negative sides of surebets

The most important positive thing about using surebet tactics is that you get one hundred percent income for any result of the game. The minuses in such a game are more:

  • For big winnings, it is necessary to keep solid amounts of money in the personal accounts of several bookmakers;
  • There is a huge chance of losing money or risk of account blocking;
  •  There is a possibility of betting with unofficial bookmakers, which will lead to the blocking of the transfer.

This gambling activity is prohibited in all offices. Surebettors are constantly at risk of losing their capital.

Secrets of the “surebet” strategy

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The strategy itself is quite simple, but in order to implement it, you need to organize your work flawlessly. To do this, there are some rules:

  • Must be registered in the maximum number of online betting exchanges;
  • The use of automatic special programs to search for surebets;
  • Do not trust dubious bookmakers.

However, it is impossible to constantly make a lot of money on such a game. Because they appear very rarely, and you have to wait a long time.

Everyone knows that betting companies use all methods to stop the gaming activity of “surebettors”. They can reduce bets, block accounts, deprive the player of funds by blocking the account. And, if you still decide to play this type of game, you need to take into account a few useful recommendations:

  • It is better to bet round amounts per bet, fractional amounts always make the bookmaker suspicious;
  • Avoid betting on the whole pot. Ordinary players never risk the whole amount of their own account;
  • Don’t bet on high profit surebets. Sometimes the office creates a fork on purpose in order to keep track of the surebettors.
  • Do not replenish the account, and do not withdraw funds after each bet. Always have a certain amount on your balance;
  • Deposit on classic and popular matches. The bookmaker’s analytical staff always takes into account players who regularly bet on irrelevant results and minor tournaments. Introduce variety to your bets – choose regular or express bets.

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Actually, the “surebet” game is formally considered a win-win game. The existing risks of account blocking, loss of money and the presence of a substantial amount for the starting bets makes it less attractive. In order to successfully conduct the game, you need to spend a lot of time on their search, and take into account all the existing nuances.

And time does not stand still, bookmakers are developing more and more new security systems, improving their own algorithms.  To prevent this type of earnings for the players, experts conduct tracking of accounts. In case of certain suspicions, the account is blocked or the winnings are canceled. There are fewer and fewer forks each time, and it is harder to bet on them without raising suspicions. And before you start betting, analyze all the information, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide whether to take a risk or not.