The Meaning of TFW – TFW means “That Face When” or “That Feeling When“. It is an internet acronym. What does TFW mean? TFW is an abbreviation that stands for “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out TFW definition and all the information related to acronym TFW in FAQ format.

What does TFW mean?

TFW is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of TFW

TFW means “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”.

What is TFW?

TFW is “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”.

TFW Definition / TFW Means

The definition of TFW is “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”.

Other Definitions of TFW

  • Tactical Fighter Wing
  • Travel for Work
  • Task-Force Web
  • Toxic Flood Water
  • Task Force Whiskey
  • Thanks for Watching
  • Temporary Foreign Worker

How TFW Is Used?

It is mostly utilized at the beginning of a text or social media platform, trailed by a description of the occasion or circumstance. For it to function, anybody perusing your TFW text or post ought to adequately comprehend and relate with the feeling you are looking to pass on, regardless of whether you are presenting a ridiculous or odd situation. TFW acronym is usually accompanied by an image or GIF, which can give humor or clarity of meaning.

Places you would see TFW

In messaging and on text applications, for example, Snapchat, social media platforms, for example – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sites like Reddit and 4chan.

History of TFW

The History of TFW meme is unknown. However, it is traced to the “I Know That Feel Bro” meme, regularly observed with two men embracing one another, expressing compassion over what the other man feels. It sprung up on the Internet at some point in 2010. Within a short time, online clients started utilizing the image with the subtitle “I know that feel bro” to show compassion towards another. eventually, individuals began posting sans the picture, and the words then transformed to the best proper “That feeling when.”

Examples of TFW

  • TFW you realize you are wide conscious at 2 am in the early morning watching Game of Thrones.”
  • TFW you realize you just missed your morning flight.”
  • TFW you’re on the metro stage and worried you might bounce.
  • TFW you realize your FB post isn’t going to get many likes.

How to apply ‘TFW’ in a text?

As seen in most examples above, TFW is usually utilized at the start of a text before you type the main body of your text. Like a lot of sentences structure above, the abbreviation is used at the beginning of the text. Using it somewhere else won’t add the effect or bring any meaning s to the expression which it is planned to add.

People who use ‘TFW,’ the most?

Teens are the most individuals who utilize social media platforms. So also, messaging is as well a propensity for the teens. It isn’t that the grown-ups or older age don’t use these platforms. It’s merely that they don’t utilize them always as teens do which is the reason the teens mostly use abbreviations and messaging slangs. The teens do not concentrate on the grammatical mistakes that they would make in content or a remark. In this manner, this urges them to utilize such shortened forms which would be sufficient for them to pass on their message.

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