9 Toxic and Selfish Habits that Destroy Relationships

Managing and making a relationship healthy takes a lot of effort. Due to some bad habits, you can spoil everything between you and your partner. You might have observed that your spouse frequently fights with you. If you do not control him on time, then you will lose your partner forever through a divorce.

It is essential to understand each other so that your relationship lasts longer. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the toxic and selfish habits that can destroy your relationships. You have to get rid of these habits and try to understand your partner.

There is a possibility to stay happy only when you leave your bad habits and give your spouse another chance. Every person deserves another chance, and it is fine if you are giving it to you and your partner. Let us start discussing some essential things before you spoil your relations.

1. Smoking Cigarettes


It is one of the worst habits that many women complain to their husbands. It does not look good if you smoke around with a pungent smell. Many women also complain that they avoid any physical relation with their husband due to this habit. It reduces the passion, love, and respect for the spouse.

It is challenging to leave smoking, but if you have enough will, then you can do anything. The alternative solution is to use a vape device as a substitute for a cigarette. It is not much harmful to your health and does not release any awful smell. Visit www.smokingthings.com to get a high-quality vapor with the flavor of your choice.

2. Remain Silent All the Time

You have to speak up about the problems you are facing. You have to talk to each other and share what things are wrong in your relationship. Many people do not confront and stay silent.

A long silence can end up your marriage, and hence, you will be separated from your spouse. You have to share your feelings and how is your married life. Talk like an adult and stop acting like a kid.

3. Blackmailing Your Partner


You should not play with the feelings of your partner. If you want your spouse to do something for you, then the better solution is to request him or talk to him with love.

Blackmailing or forcing yourself is not the solution. In this way, you are putting mental pressure on them. You can search out other ways through which you allow your partner to do your stuff. If you are also doing the same thing, then it is better to stop this habit.

4. Hiding Truth


In a relationship, you should not hide anything from your partner, no matter what happens. If your partner gets to know your truth in the future, he will be quite disappointed.

If you want to build a strong relationship, then prepare your mind to tell him everything. If your spouse fights on anything, you have to face and convince him. When you hide things from your partner, you do not trust them or give enough respect to them.

5. Not Spending Enough Time with Each Other


Many couples do not spend enough time with each other. Instead, they fight and spend most of their time alone in anger. You should avoid such a life and start spending time with your spouse.

If your partner is not in the mood to stay with you, it is better to ask what is happening in their life. Maybe your spouse is tensed and needs someone with whom he can share his feelings. You have to respect and try to understand his feelings.

6. Complaining Every Time


Complaining is another bad habit that you should avoid. Many couples keep on complaining every time and disagree on various things. It is okay if you disagree on a few things about your spouse. But you should manage a bit.

You have to compromise and try to understand your partner. You should stop complaining and agree on a few things. During any conflict, you should know how you can manage things.

7. Refuse Every Time for Taking Any Responsibility

A mature person always takes responsibility for his actions. It is essential to take responsibility for your efforts in a relationship, no matter what happens in your life. If you have done anything wrong, you should accept it.

Suppose if you refuse to do it, then you can face a lot of problems in your life. If you want to run a healthy and happy relationship, make sure you should not refuse to take any responsibility. Such a bad habit must be avoided as soon as possible.

8. So Much Dependency


Many people are dependent on their spouse for small necessities. But generally, husbands do not like their wives to be too reliant on them. It is one of the toxic habits that must be avoided.

Both individuals must be independent so that no one irritates another person. For example, if you want to go somewhere, you should not ask your partner to take you to that place.

9. Take Your Partner for Granted

Your partner needs love, care, and attention. You must never take your spouse for granted. It is essential to give respect to your spouse. If you disrespect your partner, then you won’t have a happy and healthy relationship. Don’t be selfish and stop destroying your relations. You should respect your partner and save your relationship.

The Bottom Line


If your relationship is at risk of divorce, then it is time to save it. You must leave all those habits mentioned earlier toxic and selfish habits to make your relation long-lasting. The hatred between you and your husband is the result of your habits. Therefore, you have to check what you are doing.

You should be happy, lovable, and respectable with your partner. You should give value to the feelings of your spouse. Make sure that you save everything on time before it gets ruined with time. You should not reach the level of divorce and completely separate from your life partner.