6 Tips for Trimming your Beard for the First Time – 2024 Guide

Growing out a beard and caring for it is not something every man can or is willing to do. It takes a lot of maintenance to have a lush, healthy beard, especially if it is a long one that will make you stand out no matter where you appear.

While some men do not have the time to do it, or they simply do not like heavier facial hair, others cannot imagine a life without their beards. It is an important part of who they are and they would not feel as confident, good about themselves, or even important if they suddenly did not have it.

In order to sport a beard however there are many things to take into consideration. One of the most important is trimming it, or shortening it using specialized barber tools. People often believe that trimming their beard is a straightforward process and end up either taking too much off, or doing almost nothing as they fear they will ruin years of work.


In this article, we will tell you how to properly trim your beard for the first time. More precisely, you will learn what and how to do before you trim decide to trim the beard you now have. Make sure to read the article carefully if you wish to give your facial hair the treatment it deserves. In order to do that, you will need the right hair trimmer or shaver, so make sure to visit goodelectricshaver.com.

1. Make a Plan

Before grabbing the first thing you can and cutting the hairs off your face, it is crucial that you develop a precise plan. A general idea of how you look now and how you want to look after the deed has to exist in your brain. Decide how much you want to cut, what shape you want to give your beard, and think about how long it takes you to grow what you cut back. Approaching something as important as trimming your beard without a concise strategy is a recipe for disaster.


2. Patience is Key

After you have developed a plan, it is time to patiently carry it out. If you decided to start cutting from the neck and the cheeks to that. Patiently start trimming with the lower length of your trimmer to learn how much it cuts. If you want to style the edges, do that. What is important is not to lose patience and to the thing quickly and without thinking. Trust us, cool, majestic beards need a lot of work and getting them to a desired length and shape is a slow and steady process. Get up close to the mirror and devote time to every hair that sticks out if necessary, until you get the beard you want. You do not deserve anything less.

3. The Perimeter

The difference between letting your beard grow out free and taking charge of how it grows are mostly found on the cheek lines, the jaw lines, and the neck. These are some of the most defining features of your face and its shape, meaning that hair on top of them is capable of completely transforming your look if you know how to utilize it. Maintaining them goes a long way. Let your whiskers grow more, and your cheek line will be different. Most guys rely on their own gut feeling and go with what they deem works best for their facial hair and face. However, you can always consult a barber for professional advice.

4. Products


Bear products have really gone through a renaissance over the last decade or so. Beards were not that popular during the 2000s, but the 2010s and the famous hipster trends saw more younger men grow full bears than ever. Nowadays, you can probably see more men with some sort of a beard than without one. While long and peculiar beards are still not as mainstream, they are constantly on the rise as well. To keep up and tend to their customer bases, brands started offering brand new supplements to vitalize the beard hair, nourish it, and make it stronger and more vital. Beard oils, balms, and conditioners are something you definitely need no matter how long your bear is. If you want to sport a beard as a part of your general look, you have to care for it as much as you do for your hair. Once you start using these, trimming will become much easier and you will no longer worry. Another important thing in your arsenal should be a beard comb. It will help you keep the hairs straight and neat looking. You can easily get all these required products of the best quality in a beard growth kit after getting them customized for yourself as per expert advice through digital healthcare platforms like Numan. Check out https://www.numan.com/beard-growth/beard-growth-kit to know more about it.

5. Supplements

Vitamins and nutrients for the hair are nothing new on the market. Both men and women have been taking them for decades. However, more specialized supplements now exist that can help your facial hair if you start using them. Your hair can become thicker and softer, making you look cleaner and giving your facial hair a glow it deserves. The hairs will even grow faster, giving you a chance to trim it and stylize it easier and more frequently, or maybe experiment with your look. Effort is key, and you can never put too much of it into caring for your facial hair.

6. Trimming as it Grows


Now that you have successfully prepared your beard for its first trimming and after you have done it, it is time to continue with the practices of products and supplements. However, one more thing becomes necessary once you trim it for the first time. Now that you have the length and shape you want, it is of the utmost importance to keep it like that at all times and never let it overgrow. Use the new trimmer you got once or twice a week and cut the new hairs that grow while also shortening the ones that became longer. Trimming the beard as it grows is the best way of keeping a desired look you worked hard to get. Nothing can or should be the same length, which is why patience and planning never go away, nor does an occasional trim in the morning. There is a reason why bearded men are considered more masculine after all. Besides making them more attractive and serious, it also shows determination and capability of nurturing something and caring about it!