The Meaning of UNCE – UNCE means “Sound of club music“. It is an internet acronym. What does UNCE mean? UNCE is an abbreviation that stands for “Sound of club music”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out UNCE definition and all the information related to acronym UNCE in FAQ format.

What does UNCE mean?

UNCE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Sound of club music”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of UNCE

UNCE means “Sound of club music”.

What is UNCE?

UNCE is “Sound of club music”.

UNCE Definition / UNCE Means

The definition of UNCE is “Sound of club music”.

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Other terms relating to ‘unce’:
 FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
 OUNCE 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
Other terms relating to ‘sound’:
 AHEM Throat clearing sound
 BOH Gunshot sound
 HMPF Sound made when irritated
 HUH Confused sound
 MUAH The sound of giving a kiss
 NOMNOM Sound of eating
 OM NOM Sound of eating
 OOFT Sound made when impressed by something
 OST Original Sound Track
 PEWPEW Laser sound
 RINGTONE Sound a cell phone makes when receiving a call
 SFX Sound Effects
 SG2M Sounds Good To Me
 SGTM Sounds Good To Me
 SLAP Sounds Like A Plan
 SLF Sounds Like Fun
 SONAR SOund Navagation And Ranging
 SOUND Cool, awesome, good
 SQ Sound Quality
 SWND  Sound
 TCH Sound of disagreement, frustration
 TSK Sound of annoyance
 UNTZ Sound of a pulsing beat
 WOMP Low bass sound
Other terms relating to ‘club’:
 CLUBHEAD Person who goes to clubs a lot
 GOONER Supporter of Arsenal Football Club
 JTC Join The Club
 MAN U Manchester United Football Club
 MUFC Manchester United Football Club
 WTTC Welcome To The club
Other terms relating to ‘music’:
 ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments
 AMV Anime Music Video
 AVPM A Very Potter Musical
 BGM Background Music
 BUSKING Playing music in public for money
BYO Meat
 DISTRO Distribution (software, music, etc)
 DUBSTEP Music genre
 DXC Deathcore (music style)
 EBM Electronic Body Music
 EDM Electronic Dance Music
 ESKI Type of urban music
 HSM High School Musical
 HXC Hardcore (music)
 IDM It Doesn’t Matter
Intelligent Dance Music
 INDIE Independent music
 JPOP Japanese pop music
 KPOP Korean popular music
 L2M Listening To Music
 MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
 MP3 Music file (MPEG Layer 3)
 MP4 Music/video file (MPEG Layer 4)
 MPA Music Publishers’ Association
 MTV Music Television
 MV Music Video
 NEDM Not Even Doom Music
 NME New Musical Express (magazine)
 OMFUG Other Music Found UnderGround
 POP Popular (music)
 PROG Progressive rock music
 PUNK Music genre
 RAP Music genre
 RIP Convert music/video on CD to MP3s
Rest In Peace
 ROCKBAND Music video game
 ROOTS Type of Reggae music
 THRASH Thrash metal (music style)
 VGM Video Game Music
 VMA Video Music Awards
 WMG Warner Music Group