What is Unified Communications Client – 2024 Beginners Guide

Different and new businesses are growing and slowly coming out to the market. Nowadays, everyone is about the BYOD system, which stands for “Bring-Your-Own-Device” and this automatically means more collaborations. However, proper tools are needed, which is why clients and employers worldwide insist on UCaaS – Unified Communication. Are you a start-up business as well? Maybe an employee who is seeking answers? Wondering why is UCaaS so important and what are the perks of using it? Keep on reading and find your answers down below!

What does Unified Communication entail + why is it so important?

Every business between a company and their client should have the following elements for a successful business:

  • Chats
  • Meetings
  • Voicemail
  • Video
  • Calls
  • SMS
  • Screen sharing

With the UC Client, you can enjoy proper communication, and most of your projects will go smoothly + more productive. You can enjoy all of our previously listed elements without having to switch between different apps or screens, and without needing to use different browsers or devices. With just one click of a button, your business will become modern, 10x easier, as well as more efficient!

Why does your business need UCaaS?


Still not too sure why you might need UCaaS? Proper communication is more than important between a client and the employee, especially during these virtual times and when we are unable to approach each other as easily. Some offices are down, and the industry is all about using cameras and doing Zoom meetings. Due to COVID-19, everything is becoming and going virtual! Evolve Network Solutions is an amazing enterprise system that can help you with customer support, network architecture designs, partnerships, as well as platform integration. According to them, they can help you with:

  1. Any kind of frustration when it comes to using different and multiple programs all at once
  2. They will simplify day-to-day tasks for the entire team
  3. There is an amazing user’s experience
  4. UCaaS platform will help you build functioning team members
  5. Super easy and practical to use

What are the benefits of Unified communications? Top 4 key points that you should know about


  1. Way better productivity – you will be able to connect with everyone with ease through their preferred device.
  2. Lower costs – UC system is quite inexpensive in the long run and in the end. It operates on the cloud.
  3. Better overall performance – employees can collaborate at any given moment and faster than through other ways or apps.
  4. Good experience – UC has an amazing turnover time and it can suit people who usually need a bit more freedom when it comes to their work.

Top 7 key factors that are also important (and general) when it comes to Unified Communication


  1. Know the difference between communication and collaboration

These two are so similar that people get them mixed up all the time. However, you should tell them apart since collaboration depends on proper communication between the team, as well as their employee. These can be quite similar and close in their origin, but they will give you different end results in the end.

  1. Communication strategy is the key

Proper communication strategy depends on:

  1. A) External factors – this depends a lot on your suppliers, as well as shareholders.
  2. B) Is it an internal communication strategy? If so, keep your foreign members connected.

Collaboration can only be possible between internal members and teams.

  1. Why is messaging so common and so important

Instant messaging is one of the main parts of your UC experience, and this is why loads of people use and prefer IM software. It was popular even back in the 90s, but nowadays everyone is using direct messaging for faster, more convenient, and clear communication. This is a powerful tool as well, which has become more revolutionized as time goes on.

  1. Good chat business is crucial


A proper app will allow you to stay in touch and be informed of everything, always. There are loads of different reasons why clients and companies prefer chats, and that is:

Faster response time

You get to share files with one click

You can easily see who is online

Data saving and recording

If you live a fast-paced life (and we all do), you will appreciate this convenient feature the most.

  1. Messaging is slowly killing email, and people don’t mind it

Messaging and sending instant requests or files is slowly yet surely killing email. Now, you can keep track of everything with just one click of a button. Team-building is a lot more convenient as well as fun to do through instant messages. Nowadays if you are not into UCaaS, you are missing out!

  1. Better customer experience, overall


Did you know that 62% of companies believe that customer experience is the most important differentiator? UC ensures that employees use the right tools, communication, as well as group solving methods at all times. Thanks to the call center agents, the customer will always enjoy full and proper support. Make sure that you are well aware of how your CX and UC strategies intertwine since this will help with your long-term outcome.

  1. Watch out for implementation

Last, but not least, a powerful UC means creating an amazing strategy + figuring out how to get everything from your new tools. Analyze everything, and see if you need to make some new adjustments, software updates, or set-ups. Ask yourself which tasks are performed daily, why you should use a UC, and is it available as well as friendly to all the employees, as well as their phones or tablets?

Ready for some new projects?

After reading this article, do you feel a lot more positive about your company and your teammates? Are you a fast-paced worker as well, and you prefer this modern and new era? If so, simply follow and embrace these key rules and points, and see what it does for your business + how beneficial it can truly be in the long run!