Tips to Update Your Skin Care Routine in 2024

It is important to have a good plan when it comes to your skincare routine. So, it should take place in several steps on a daily basis. However, people often make serious mistakes when it comes to skincare. This is primarily related to product selection, but also to many other things. We have to mention that there is no one formula that will suit your face forever or one formula for every type of skin.

You need to know that a person changes and that there are a number of factors that affect him. That is why the most important thing is to listen to what your skin is telling you and to respond to its requests correctly. In that case, we recommend that you periodically try some new things that may appeal to it and thus improve your skincare routine. A new year just have started, it is the best time to update your routine you are maybe following for years. Keep reading and find out skincare routine tips we prepared for you in 2024

1. Implement new face masks

Face masks must be an indispensable part of your beauty routine because they have multiple positive effects. But it happens that we find one face mask that suits us and we use it all the time. That’s not good and needs to change, so now is the ideal time to update your routine and add something new.

There are many different masks, both the ones you can make yourself and the ones you buy. Some of them are used for hydration, others for cleansing the face, there are also those that tighten the skin. Try everything that exists on the market. When you enter a store that sells cosmetics, surely a whole part of the store will be dedicated only to the face mask. Each time you buy a few it suits your skin type and eventually, you will have a few new ones that you will use regularly.

Occasionally prepare natural masks, because the skin does not need to be constantly exposed to chemicals that are always found in skincare products.

2. Change cleansing products

There are certainly at least a few cleansing products that are very useful to you and you use them constantly. But they can be aggressive and therefore you need to change products and not use them occasionally to rest your face. Also, it is important to know which product is suitable for which time of year.

For example, in winter you do not need as aggressive cleansing products as in summer because much less sebum is produced. Therefore, use milder products in winter, because if you use the same ones as in summer, it can lead to dryness of the skin. For evenings, use emulsions that contain vitamins and additionally nurture your face. Also, some prefer cream and some gel-based cleansers, it is up to you to determine which pH is better for you. There are also mixes if you have a very sensitive one.

3. Incorporate facial massages into your routine

Just as massage of any part of the body has a positive effect on that part by improving circulation, which leads to better oxygen flow and better utilization of nutrients, so it is with facial massage. That’s why it is something you should definitely do at least once a week. You can do it yourself, and you can also go to a massage professional.

Our suggestion is to combine both. As many masseurs do not work due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may not currently have where to go for facial massage. But once things get back to normal, practice a self-facial massage every few days, and occasionally go to a professional who will do lymphatic drainage and other things you don’t know or can’t do on your own. You will notice many improvements very soon. You can always use the help of the professionals. You can start with and check what they have to offer.

4. Use sunscreen regularly

Gone are the days when it was thought that sunscreen should only be used in the summer when you go to the beach. Many harmful effects of sun exposure have been proven, especially because the Earth’s ozone layer is damaged. This is confirmed by the increase in the number of people suffering from skin cancer and therefore it is constantly advised to avoid the sun when the radiation is greatest.

But since sun exposure is necessary due to vitamin D and many other processes in the body, so it is not a solution to be constantly in the shade. What you need to do is use sunscreen 365 days a year, especially if you live in places that are sunny often. Applying sunscreen must become part of your morning routine. This will save your health, and you will also have significantly fewer wrinkles. This is something that every dermatologist will advise you, so you must include it in your routine in 2024

5. Retinol is a must

Even if you are not too interested in cosmetics and do not follow all the trends, you have surely noticed how many anti-aging products are on the market. Advertisements for anti-aging products are constantly on TV, billboards and everywhere else. People just want to stop time and have the same skin they had in their twenties.

We can tell you that most anti-aging products are very ineffective and you will not achieve anything by using them. But there is one product that many respectable studies have really proven to have anti-aging properties, and that is retinol. Retinol is actually vitamin A. Retinol helps in the production of new cells, which will give the face a youthful appearance because it will reduce the number of wrinkles. So buy retinol serum and start using it right away. Don’t give up if it causes you to have dry skin at first, this is normal. This usually happens during the first month and later you see all the benefits that using vitamin A brings you.


The skin is the largest organ on our body and that is why you have to take care of it very seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 40 years old, you must always take care of it in order for it to be healthy and beautiful. All surgical interventions such as face lifting and the like will never be able to look the same as well-groomed skin.