6 Benefits of Using Turf for Your Lawn

Your lawn says a lot about you – it’ll always be the first thing your guests will notice once they step into your yard. That’s why it deserves adequate care and maintenance which will make it pleasant to the eye at all times. In addition to undoubtedly contributing to the lovely appearance of the yard, the existence of a lawn in your surroundings also has numerous health benefits for people. Or, even more than that, you’ll enjoy spending your free time in your green oasis, drinking your late afternoon coffee or tea, or simply rolling on the grass with your toddlers.

With the help of experts and some great pieces of gear, nowadays it isn’t so difficult to have a perfect lawn in the yard. Most services can arrange delivery to your address and installation quickly and economically. The most important thing you need to understand is the cost-effectiveness of turf concerning other artificial alternatives, as it makes a significant difference in the quality of the grass and in creating favorable living conditions.


Let’s take a look at some other benefits in addition to the ones mentioned above.

1. Cooling effect


One of the most significant benefits of turf is its cooling effect. This is especially useful in the summer months when every breath of cooler air is welcome. In tropical areas which are characterized by rather high temperatures and humidity, there’s no better choice than setting up a lawn in the yard.

Through the process of evapotranspiration, grass absorbs solar radiation, and in that way, the air is released from excess heat and gets colder. Unlike turf, artificial replacements don’t seem to be as effective as expected when it comes to this aspect. Thanks to these possibilities, the use of air conditioners can be reduced, which further implies significant savings in energy consumption and reducing your costs.

2. Improving water and air quality

The quality of water and air today is very poor, to which various human activities contribute every day. Although we are to blame for the polluted environment, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look for a solution to create a healthier surrounding for us and our dearest ones – and natural green carpet in the yard can be one of the initial solutions.

Grass tends to absorb carbon dioxide, as well as all other harmful gases that cause the greenhouse effect. At the same time, it releases oxygen and purifies the air we breathe. Pollutants thus remain trapped and bad effects on the human body are prevented. On the other hand, the grass is a perfect water purifier which doesn’t allow harmful substances to reach larger surfaces such as rivers, seas, or lakes.

3. Protects the soil


Another advantage of a grass cover is the protection of the soil under it. Some of the best soils have developed in places like this. The explanation is simple – this greenery acts as a conductor of carbon to the soil through its root system. Carbon is an element that affects the better structure of the soil, and water and air permeability, which further implies an improvement in soil fertility.

Turf also prevents erosion, which is one of the main enemies of fertile and healthy soil. Thanks to that, nutrients are kept inside. Unlike this plant, artificial alternatives can’t achieve the same effect. The reason for that are the toxic chemicals from which they’re made and which have a destructive effect.

4. Health benefits

In addition to absorbing greenhouse gases, turf also plays the role of a natural filter that purifies the air from dust. Everyone who’s struggling with energy problems and other respiratory diseases knows how fundamental the absence of dust and other pollutants is for their condition.

A well-maintained lawn is a key to controlling weeds and getting rid of annoying insects. Weeds can also be a major cause of allergic reactions since they attract bees and other insects that can seriously endanger health when they sting a human. And not only that – insects will be a nuisance for your pets or small children who won’t be allowed to run barefoot on the grass. With turf, you won’t need to worry about such things.


5. Recreational benefits

This kind of green terrain in front of your house can be a perfect place for your recreational activities, among other things. Whether you’re a fan of morning exercises and sports, or you simply want a space where your children will be able to have daily physical activity, this is the right thing for you – especially if we look at the difficult period of the pandemic we’re going through.

Not to mention enjoying the backyard with friends, a picnic, and other things you can fulfill your free time with that’ll significantly affect your mental and physical well-being. Most people who live in cities would kill for a corner like this for themselves only, away from the noise and hot asphalt. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the calories you’ll spend on occasional mowing and maintenance, which also affects the fulfillment of daily recreational activities!

6. Increases value when selling a home

You may not have known, but a landscaped lawn with long-term maintenance and care can be a significant factor in determining the price in case you ever decide to put your house up for sale. The situation in the real estate market is such that the demand is increasingly focused on large and gorgeously landscaped yards, as they provide a complete feeling of warmth, which you can use to your advantage and raise the price by up to 10-20%.

Just put yourself in the position of the buyer. You probably thought the same way when you were looking for a perfect home. Is it the relaxing effect, the possibility of cooling down on hot days, or the simple beauty and fresh impression it gives? Or is it all that? It can be anything, but the obvious impact of turf on the complete impression of the property can’t be disputed.