Valor Season 2 – Release Date and Cast

Valor is an American military-based drama made by Kyle Jarrow. Produced by CBS TV Studio and Warner Bros, its first season had an entirety of 13 episodes and fans are awaiting the news about the second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The Valor is a military conspiracy thriller with a plot that drives around striking female personalities. From the first episode, the show pulls us in with the adventure and thriller, building up the excitement and throwing the viewers on a rollercoaster ride.

The show starts with the Shadow Riders, an elite helicopter team in the US Army, embarking on a mission. And as the season unwinds, an enigma presents itself where the borders between military discipline and human desire are tested.

As the show proceeds, the line between the character’s personal life and professional life gets mixed creating a wonderful drama that keeps viewers attached to the screen and waiting for the next episode to drop soon.

With the thirteen episodes of the season, fans were hooked and now they await the announcement of season 2. Yet, it has been nearly confirmed that season 2 is not happening.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

The cast of Valor was really well received by the fans and loved for how they played the characters. It was led by Christina Ochoa who played the lead role of Nora Madani, the Chief Warrant Officer. Matt Barr plays the role of Captain Leland Gallo, another main lead.

The role of Ian Porter, the boyfriend of Madani, is played by Charlie Barnett. Jimmy Kam, is a Staff Sergeant Madani and is played by W. Trè Davis. Corbin Reid plays the role of Jess Kam, wife of Jimmy Kam. Thea is played by Melissa Roxburgh. Valarie Pettiford, who plays the role of Simone Porter, Bryan Craig playing the role of Adam Coogan, and Mac Brandt as Sergeant Shane Dylan Hendrix are the guest casts.

These are who we expect to star in season 2 along with a few extra guest casts, if it ever happens.

When Can We Expect The Release

Season 1 premiered in October 2017 and even though it was loved by fans, the show was canceled by the network. Bad news for them. As of July 2024, the creators are still not interested in making season 2 but we may get season 2 in the future. Fingers crossed.

Things You May Want To Know About Valor

Even though it was loved by fans, it did not do well on the ratings. It got only 21% from Rotten Tomatoes and only 6 points out of 10 according to IMDb. The show was canceled by the creators because of its poor ratings.

Season 1 of Valor is available for watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Summing It Up


The chances of renewal are very low but in the future, it may happen. As for now, fans have to keep watching the first season and cherish the memories. Some other networks may pick up and bring season 2 but as of now, there is no news of season 2.