How To Visit Portugal On A Budget: The Most Affordable Airlines

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has an incredible landscape, great food and wine, and a rich history. The city of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been called “The Labyrinth City” due to its maze-like streets.

The city of Lisbon, was once the capital of Portugal and it’s still holding much of its ancient look, but with much modern architecture. So how can you afford such a trip? Well,  many airlines offer cheap flights to Portugal that don’t need you to compromise any comfort or convenience. Below we’ll cover some great options for booking flights to Portugal that won’t cost you too much money.

Flying to Portugal Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

There are several airlines that offer cheap flights to Portugal, and they are listed below, along with sample prices.

  • Air France: $476 – $1,404
  • British Airways: $581 – $918
  • Lufthansa: $611 – $874
  • Ryanair: $637 – $960

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Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is a low-cost airline that flies to Portugal from London. They offer daily flights during summer months that take only about an hour to get from London to  Porto’s Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport. Norwegian Air has a good safety record and is based in Norway, but it flies under its own name in Portugal and other parts of Europe.


Ryanair is a low-cost airline, meaning they offer the lowest prices possible. This means their flights are more affordable than any other airline to visit Portugal. You can take a look on their official website to explore their prices and possible airports to reach the desired destination.

Ryanair flies to over 100 destinations throughout Europe and recently added a route from Lisbon to Madrid as well as one from Porto to Lisbon (this made it easier for people who want to explore Portugal and Spain). To get an idea of how many destinations you can visit on Ryanair’s network of flights, check out their route map on their website.

Biggest selling point for using Ryanair is that you don’t have any checked baggage limits or fees when flying with them. Which is great because most airlines charge anywhere from $25-$50 per bag if they’re overweight or too large!  It will save your money and make your trip more comfortable with your small luggage.

The only thing that needs checking in before boarding are small personal items, like phones, wallets etc. Biggest selling point for using Ryanair is that you don’t have any checked baggage limits or fees when flying with them. Ryanair is a suitable airline for many people if to count all its advantages.


EasyJet is a low-cost airline based in the United Kingdom, serving over 120 airport destinations across Europe. The airline flies to and from Lisbon Airport (LIS) with flights to London Gatwick (LGW), Manchester (MAN) and Bristol (BRS). EasyJet has a fleet of more than 400 planes and operates out of over 120 airports in 34 countries. It’s aslo a kind of cheap airline.

TAP Portugal (TAP)

TAP Portugal is Portugal’s national airline, and it offers flights to many countries in Europe. TAP has a good safety record, and its reputation for service is also pretty good. As an added bonus, TAP is also a low-cost airline, which means that you can expect to get great deals on airfare if you book with them.

On top of all this, customers who have flown with TAP say that they had no trouble finding their way through the airport. (and without too much hassle).

Transavia France


Transavia France is a low-cost airline based in Paris. It operates flights to Portugal from several French cities, such as Lyon and Marseille. It’s owned by Transavia, which owns other airlines like Transavia Holland, Germany and Belgium.

Transavia France has been operating since 2011 when it began operating services between Paris and Lisbon. Since then, it has expanded its operations to include several more destinations throughout Europe.



Jet2 is a low-cost airline that offers flights between the UK and Portugal. Its destinations include Lisbon, Porto and Faro airports. Jet2 flies from Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle and Glasgow airports in England; Belfast International Airport in Northern Ireland; Edinburgh Airport in Scotland; Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland; Doncaster Sheffield Airport in South Yorkshire; East Midlands Airport near Derby; Liverpool John Lennon Airport in Merseyside (Greater Manchester); Birmingham International Airport (West Midlands). This airline is very popular among European tourists.


Flights to Portugal don’t have to break the bank. Airlines like Ryanair and Norwegian offer low-cost flights, while TAP is one of the most affordable airlines in Europe. You can also save money by choosing an off-season destination or planning ahead with advance bookings (i.e. booking a flight during school holidays).You got all the useful advices, so now that you know some ways to save money on your next trip abroad, get out there and explore!  And don’t forget to bring new and exciting memories with you.