How to Visit the Tri-City Comfortably? Temporary Car Rental Increasingly Popular!

Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot comprise an interesting agglomeration full of tourist attractions. This region of the Baltic Sea is a popular tourist destination not only in the summer but also off season. Visitors usually choose Gdańsk with its impressive old town and important historical locations as their home base. Is it worth it to rent cars in this region? Gdańsk is one of those cities where you can order a car for minutes, hours or days in a few simple steps.

Tourist attractions in the Tri-City – what is worth seeing?

Each of the cities comprising the seaside agglomeration has a lot to offer. When on holiday there, all the attractions available are worth visiting. However, they are somewhat distant from one other and, even though the Tri-City transport is efficient, tourists more and more often decide to rent a car. Gdańsk is the most characteristic and the largest location of the region. Its atmospheric bourgeois-style old town, areas along the Motława river, the Museum of the Second World War, the Lech Walesa Shipyard and the Solidarity Centre are only some of the suggestions for spending time on the Gdansk Bay.

Waterfront recreation is encouraged on the particularly wide and sandy beach in Sopot. The famous pier, clubs and restaurants are excellent places where one can relax after a day of sightseeing. Sailing enthusiasts will be attracted to the harbour in Gdynia where one can see beautiful tall ships such as Dar Pomorza or historical ships.

Car rental – Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot close at hand

When in the Tri-City, you would not want to miss any of these attractions. No need to worry, the local population and tourists can take advantage of car sharing or car rental for a specific period. Car rental agencies such as Panek allow you to select a model that suits your needs. A few simple steps are enough to enjoy the comfort while sightseeing:

  1. download the app of the rental agency to your phone,
  2. create an account there,
  3. have a look at the mobile map and find a free car in your area,
  4. reserve the selected car and reach it within 10 minutes,
  5. open the car using the received code,
  6. check whether the car is running and has no visible defects.

Cars for rent are usually equipped with an automatic engine start system. It means that you do not need a key to start the engine, the POWER button next to the driving wheel is enough.

A tourist heaven in the Tri-City for just a few days? You will visit each nook and cranny if you decide to rent a car locally. You can see the best side of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot if you spend the time saved on trips in each of these locations.