The Significance of Web Design for Your Business Website

The Significance of Web Design for Your Business Website

With hundreds of millions of websites available online, and each attempting to showcase its own unique features and functions, it can be quite challenging for a web developer to come up with a design that truly speaks to an audience. With so many factors to consider, the entire endeavor can be somewhat overwhelming, and this is why business owners opt for a standard layout and then hope for the best results. The truth is that although functional, a basic website can actually detract from a business and in this article, we’ll be discussing why a properly-designed website can make such a huge difference to a companies’ potential.

The Truth Behind Web Browsing

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Many people don’t realise that the majority of website visitors will spend just a few seconds deciding whether they will interact with the site that they are visiting, or not. This is known as a bounce rate, and the higher this percentage, the more people will click away from a site. Most sites will want to achieve a bounce rate of between 1 and 5%, which would translate to 1 to 5 visitors hitting the back button for every 100 individuals that visit. This is why reliable, effective web design, like those designed using Umbraco web development are so much more beneficial.

As a content management system, services like Umbraco can make it much easier for a business owner to control every aspect of their layout and structure. Even small start-ups are realising just how significant good web design is in relation to their ability to make sales, and with such a broad range of options available for customers online if a site isn’t up to the job, they will simply click away and find somewhere else to transact with.

What Makes a Good Design?

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According to industry experts, there are several factors that can lend to a functional, efficient design that appeals to an audience. These factors include:

  • Instantly recognisable services
  • Content strategically placed above and below the fold
  • Ease of navigation
  • Self-explanatory images
  • Carefully structured content

With these factors in mind, a web developer, no matter their experience, could begin creating a site that pretty much manages itself. And to complement this, tools such as Umbraco can be integrated to allow the content in place, from images to text, to function efficiently. In fact, content management systems are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a way for site owners to store, protect, and even back-up their data with minimal fuss, and without needing to keep everything saved on separate hard drives or SSDs.

In this day and age, internet users are nothing if not demanding. They expect fast, responsive sites that provide the information and services that they are looking for, without delay. Some niches are especially competitive, and this can be challenging for business owners to ensure that their site grows into a prominent one, but with effective website design, the foundation of a companies’ online presence can be laid, allowing their services to sell themselves.