What are Bonus Codes at Online Casinos

What are Bonus Codes at Online Casinos? 2024 Guide

Online casinos provide various bonuses. The most direct way to obtain these bonuses is to sign up and make a deposit. Casino operators produce bonus codes to track the success of a marketing campaign.

These codes are a series of letters, numbers, or both, such as DEP100, PROMO100, etc. If you want to claim a bonus, open your casino account, and enter the code when the site prompts it. We will describe these codes in detail to help boost your understanding.

Why do Casinos Produce Bonus Codes?


They are a way to track the performance of a marketing campaign. The casino operator wants to find out the exact number of web users who saw their campaign and responded. Additionally, they have many bonuses and cannot tell you the exact one you want. So, they attach a code to each bonus to help players pick the right one for their needs. It does not collect your details and cannot violate your privacy.

No player can access an offer without the correct bonus code https://polskiesloty.com/sloty-za-darmo/. Bonus codes take different forms but play the same purpose.

How Should You Use Your Bonus Code?

Once you obtain a bonus code, the next thing will be to use it. However, use it at the perfect place and moment. If you do not, you will miss the chance. A casino will request this code when registering a new account or depositing cash. It will go this way:

  • Registration – If you are a new player without an account, you should sign up. The registration form will provide an empty field for your bonus code. You must qualify your identity by entering the code in the blank field. If not, you will miss the bonus. Enter your other personal details and finish the signup process.
  • Make a Deposit – If you are a member already, enter your promo code when depositing money in your account. So, choose a banking method, enter the amount to deposit, and type the code.

Are bonus codes case-sensitive and genuine?

Most casinos have case-sensitive codes. They are the default format. A transparent and genuine casino will let you know its format. But, even without asking, you can see the code and enter it as is.

Whether the bonus code is in capital or small letters enter it well. Concerning the legitimacy of bonus codes, they are not all genuine. Fake ones might include absurd wagering requirements. Real ones might offer an attractive reward. See genuine 2024 no-deposit casino bonus codes for Poland players in the following table.

Casino Name Code Expiry Date Code Bonus Code Type
Jackpot Capital 28 Feb 2024 ETWINS code 25 free spins
Grande Vegas Casino 28 Feb 2024 ETWINS code 25 free spins

Different Kinds of Bonus codes

  • Reload
  • First deposit
  • Second deposit
  • Third deposit
  • Forth deposit

What Rewards can a Bonus Code Provide?


A bonus code can provide the following rewards:

  • Cash – A code can unlock free bonus money for betting. The amount of cash you get depends on the bonus code type you have.
  • Free spins – It can represent just free spins. If you register and enter the code well, you will unlock a given number of free rounds.
  • Cash and free spins – Some bonus codes are real gems since they unlock cash and free spins at once.

Are Bonus Codes and Affiliate Links the Same?

A bonus code and an affiliate link are two different tools that can help a casino achieve the same goal. As we saw before, a casino may use a bonus code to differentiate multiple offers. Each code symbolizes a given bonus. An affiliate link can assist the casino site to differentiate bonuses too. This is how it works.

  • An affiliate marketer joins their favorite casino’s affiliate program.
  • Next, they select the bonuses they want to promote on their gaming website to receive a commission.
  • After that, they should pick matching affiliate links and attach them to their banners and texts.
  • Once a site visitor clicks a banner or a text ad, they will land on the casino website’s page offering that bonus.
  • An affiliate link contains an element that identifies each marketer’s efforts. The casino operator checks this element to know the number of referrals an affiliate marketer has sent to their site and to compute their commission.

Hence, a bonus code and an affiliate link accomplish the same goal. However, those who click an affiliate link do not have to enter any code when signing up or making a casino deposit.

What types of bonuses come with bonus codes?

Many casino websites promote their no-deposit bonuses, and cashback bonuses via bonus codes. It is vital to understand the difference between these codes.

No-deposit bonus codes

A no-deposit bonus is a kind you could claim without adding money to your casino account. No deposit bonuses may use them when a casino site is running a marketing campaign. To use a no-deposit bonus code, do the following:

  • Sign up – Create a new account to get a casino membership.
  • Claim your bonus – A no-deposit bonus might entail free spins or free betting cash. Unlock it by entering the code well.
  • Play – A casino has a restricted list of slots you should play with your bonus cash. As you do not need to deposit any money, just play, and win.
  • Withdraw winnings – Read the wagering requirements to see if you have fulfilled all of them. See if any of them prevents you from withdrawing your winnings. Follow the necessary terms and conditions.

Deposit bonus codes

Most casinos match your deposit to a certain percentage, usually 100%. If you claim a deposit bonus, you will wager your free cash and the deposited amount. When withdrawing, you will remove the winnings and deposit. Some sites have first, second, and third deposits with unique promises. If you complete these deposits, proceed to unlock the bonus money with your code.

Cashback bonus codes


A cashback bonus helps casino player recover their losses. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the invested money. A cashback restores a portion (usually twenty percent) of the loss encountered in the first week of playing at a new site. For instance, if you deposit $200 and lose all of it, a 20 percent cashback can let you recover $40. Sometimes you need a bonus code to release a cashback reward.


They are not as popular as they were a few years ago. Regardless, you can find them directly on a casino website or by subscribing to its newsletter. Alternative sources are affiliate websites and social media websites. Once you verify the bonus code type, its terms and conditions, and its legitimacy, enter it to get a free reward.