If you have a lawn or a backyard that periodically needs a little makeover, we know you are already too tired to do that. We know it is a time-consuming and dreading task, but here’s good news for you all: there is a wide variety of zero-turn mowers out on the market.

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Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

The best lawn mowers are more robust, strong and faster than you could possibly imagine. Every lawnmower has been manufactured with innovation and creativity to do its job in less time.

Talking about lawn mowers, there is a galore of great zero turn mowers available on the market but definitely, it is a waste of time to search for the best in town. To save you from the hassle, we have compiled a list of the top 10 zero turn mowers. Let’s have a look:

1. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower


If you are a homeowner and don’t have enough time to spend on your lawn makeover, Husqvarna zero turn mower is right here to save your time and get the job done just right. This one boasts power and ensures to perform the task quickly and effectively. This zero turn mower is compact and easy to move. Powered by a Kawasaki engine, this machine is a leader in the market.

With a powerful Kawasaki engine, the machine sports 21 horsepower to ensure a quick and efficient job. The Husqvarna also features Air Induction Mowing Technology for great performance. This machine boasts one of the best designs as compared to others available on the market.

It also sports an over-sized fan for cooling the engine at an optimal temperature. There is another type which is also famous in the commercial use Electric Lawn Mower.

The machine ensures a better lift to give your lawn a better cut. With all other benefits, Husqvarna also provides you with comfort and easy movability. It is incorporated with ergonomic features that ensure an easy day with almost no issues.


Engine Horsepower: 21HP

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Fuel Capacity: 3.5 Gal

  • Strong Kawasaki engine
  • Boasts 23 Horsepower
  • Comes with ergonomic features
  • Cutting horizontal on sharp slopes is not possible
  • Grass buildup and lawn debris

Final Verdict:

The Husqvarna 967045201 boasts one of the top designs on the market. The machine is capable to move in a quick and efficient manner all across your lawn. The mower boasts great speed and power with 21 horsepower. This is definitely one of the best mowers for it boasts ergonomic features with comfort.

Customer Reports
Julie Meals

This mower arrived very well packed and protected. As my first Zero Turn mower, it was simple to figure out the controls and begin driving. A word or warning, if you’ve never driven one before, start in a wide open area and not too close to anything you can hit. It has lots of power, speed and cuts the grass very well. The price was good compared to units that we could purchase locally and had a more powerful motor. I didn’t like the seat as compared to some of the local units, but that’s not a show-stopper. If you’re in the market for a zero turn, I don’t think you could go wrong purchasing this one.


Easy to finish assembly. Difficult to get out of the crate which is a good thing for shipping. Top notch kohler engine, fast, serviceable, no complaints.

2. Ariens 25HP ZTR

Ariens 25HP ZTR


The powerful Ariens 25HP ZTR is an ideal mower for large properties. It is actually a commercial machine that comes with modern technological advancements. With 25 horsepower, this engine boasts power that is enough to complete the job on a larger area in a short amount of time.

Its remarkable engine helps you save your precious time by performing its job with great efficiency. With its great speed and power, the Ariens is definitely one of the wise investment decisions you could make. The mower boasts the capacity of 6-gallon fuels and ergonomic features, which ensure the best performance in less amount of time.


Engine Horsepower: 25Hp

Cutting Width: 60 inches

Fuel Capacity: 6 gallons

  • Features 25 horsepower
  • The capacity to hold 6-gallon fuel
  • Commercial machine
  • Capacity to cut thick grass pretty easily
  • Expensive
  • May be difficult to control the steer

Final Verdict:

The Ariens 25HP ZTR is one of the powerful commercial-grade mowers available. It has the capability to save you from the hassle of working on large areas. With its 25HP engine, it does its job pretty well.

Customer Reports
Terrell Oubre

Plenty of power. Decent on steep hills over 15 degrees, just make sure you go down hill. A little rough riding even with the springs under the seat though. To be fair I have 2 1/2 acres in western Washington and the rough part hasn’t been tamed yet. Overall I love this mower and at a decent price.

Sean Graves

Great mower and cuts excellent.

3. Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin


If you want a mower with quick and efficient performance, the Poulan Pro is the best investment so far, providing the best value for money. This zero turn mower sports advanced features that too at a budget-friendly price. The material is durable and long-lasting to survive in the coming years. It will not only help you save your working time but also manage the work way easier.

The Poulan Pro zero turn mower boasts 22HP by Briggs and Stratton engine company. They are known to build engines that have the capability to perform beyond your expectations. It will save you from the hassle and your working time by providing easy maneuverability and accuracy. The Poulan Pro also features a compact structure to make it easier for you to work in difficult areas.

With its 46 inch path, it is easier to work on a big area.  Also, with its ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable working experience throughout. Moreover, it also has the capability to offer 6 various cutting heights for an ideal trim.


–    Engine Horsepower: 22 hp

–    Cutting Width: 46 inches

–    Fuel Capacity: 3.5 gallons

  • Features ergonomic design
  • Compact enough to work in complex areas
  • Ability to choose from six different heights
  • Boasts 22 horsepower
  • Easy maintenance
  • Features high-speed controls to prevent time wastage
  • Includes a headlight kit and rain cover too
  • Lack of throttle cable knob may make controlling a bit difficult
  • The mower’s bottom is rough due to wood and blocked wheels

Final Verdict:

The Poulan Pro features 22HP horsepower and an engine by Briggs and Stratton which makes it easier to get the job done on a large area within less amount of time, unlike other traditional mowers. The machine is quick, effective and easy to move around the lawn. With its capacity to adjust to 6 different cutting heights, you have the option to choose the ideal trim according to your requirements.

Customer Reports
Chester Constransitch

After using this mower I now enjoy cutting the grass again. No more straining to turn the wheel. No more extra mower to do the trim work. My cutting time has been reduced from 2 to 2.5 hours to 35 to 45 minutes. My biggest challenge was making sure everything was in the correct position prior to starting. LOL. And, to think I used to run a large JD tractor.


So far, so good. Easy to set up, easy to use, and seemingly easy to maintain. Massive time-saver over my push mower.

4. Swisher ZTR2454BS

Swisher ZTR2454BS


The Swisher has a remarkable power to get your job done in a quick and effective manner. The robust machine is built with durable materials and components to save a significant amount of time. The machine boasts a great Briggs and Stratton engine that ensures great speed and power for exceptional performance.

The massive 8-gallon fuel capacity ensures working all day long without any breaks. The most impressive feature in this machine has to be a foot-assisted deck lift. So don’t worry if you don’t own any lifting machine, this feature will probably save a lot of bucks.

This foot-assisted deck feature actually makes things a lot more convenient. It actually allows lifting the deck up easily that too without the need of any additional machine. You can easily access the deck’s bottom to sharpen or change the blades whenever necessary. This also allows you a convenient cleaning process along with easy greasing of moving components.


Engine Horsepower: 24HP

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons

  • Boasts 24 HP
  • Powerful Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 8-gallon fuel capacity
  • Comfortable seats
  • Foot-assisted deck lift
  • Easy movability
  • Maintenance required in daily basis
  • Costly
  • Huge in size

Final Verdict:

The Swisher ZTR454BS is an impressive machine, boasting a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine and 24 horsepower. What’s more, the mower also features a foot-assisted deck lift, eliminating any need for extra equipment.

The machine saves your time considerably by performing its job quickly and effectively. Moreover, its 8-gallon fuel capacity ensures working without any need to refuel the machine during work.

Customer Reports

We were a little nervous ordering such a large purchase but Amazon did a great job keeping us updated on the delivery of this mower and it was received when promised. Their Prime service was valuable in that we had one point of contact that we could easily access to schedule the delivery and answer questions. The mower – Wow! Great quality and value for the price. What a difference from our previous zero turn mower. Easy to operate, runs fabulous, and so comfortable to ride.

Richard Armstrong

As advertised.

5. Troy-Bilt Mustang 25 HP

Troy-Bilt Mustang 25 HP


The Troy-Bilt is definitely an impressive investment if you are looking for a consistent power to get the dreading task of mowing the lawn done. It is a sturdily-built machine to perform quickly yet without any compromise on effectiveness, promising a great return on your investments. Powered by Briggs and Stratton powerful engine and 25 horsepower, it is definitely a machine with remarkable performance.

Since this machine features great power, you can work the entire lawn in a significantly shorter period. This commercial mower is incorporated with ‘Power Take-Off’ technology that lets you control a quick start/stop function. With the help of this technology and 54 inches cutting width, you can significantly grow your business.


Engine Horsepower: 25HP

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gallons

  • Incorporates Power-Off feature
  • 54 inches cutting path
  • Sports a 25 horsepower Briggs and Stratton powerful engine
  • Easy movability
  • Good-quality materials
  • Comfortable seating
  • Low-fuel capacity

Our Verdict:

Besides its low-fuel capacity, the Troy-Bilt is a good-quality commercial machine that makes business operation easier for landscapers on a professional level. This zero grade mower features Power Take-Off technology for a quick start or stops function. Moreover, its powerful 25 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine ensures performance in a quick and efficient manner.

Customer Reports
Greg Gordy

I’ve had this mower for two seasons. It has Briggs motor and I’ve never had any trouble out of it. Replace with commercial blades and you have a great mower. My friends always want to borrow it.


Product says it comes with a 25 Horsepower Kohler Twin Cylinder Engine With Oil Filter, I recieved the mower today May 13,2015 and it was delivered with a 25HP Briggs and Stratton engine not the Kohler engine. There is a big difference in the life expectancy of the Kohler engine as compared to the life of a Briggs & Stratton engine.

6. Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc

Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc


If you are in search of a machine with zero turn pivot but you also prefer a traditional mower, the Troy-Bilt 725cc is definitely the choice you should go for. This machine is an innovative concept that combines the effectiveness of a zero turn mower along with the simplicity of a traditional riding mower.

The Troy-Bilt mower features a unique design that gives you even more control on hills and rugged, uneven terrains. With a 54-inch cutting width and three blades, you will get an even and fine trim for your yard. The machine boasts a powerful 22 horsepower Kohler engine.

A Troy-Bilt mower is an ideal machine for any residential yard, and it is definitely an innovative choice to buy if someone needs a combo of zero turn and traditional riding mower. However, you may need a back-mounted leaf blower to clear the post-mowing debris away.


Engine Horsepower: 25HP

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gallons

  • Three blade system to better trims
  • Boasts a 22 horsepower Kohler engine
  • Work well even on rugged surfaces
  • Low-fuel capacity

Final Verdict:

The Troy-Bilt 725 cc works well enough when it comes to providing 2-in-1 benefits: zero turn and the simplicity of a traditional riding mower. It gives you extra control when it comes to hills or uneven surfaces. Moreover, the three-blade system is an added advantage to give you ideal trims.

Customer Reports

I bought a troybuilt mustang new in 2008 been cutting over 5 acres 10 to 15 times a summer and this machine has never been in the shop not once. It has been well maintained and serviced regularly but is by far the best mower i have ever owned.

Yvonne Schwindt

Really tough & I got alot hours on money an still goes strong!

7. Swisher ZTR2454KA

Swisher ZTR2454KA


If you are in search of a mower with great speed and reliability, the Swisher ZTR2454KA is definitely the machine you should opt for. This mower boasts a compact design and incorporates all features of a zero turn mower it possibly could.

The material and components are all durable enough to last long. Moreover, Swisher sports a low center of gravity to make the movability easier. It also incorporates a rapid response control for a quick, efficient and effective performance.

Powered by 24HP Briggs and Stratton engine, the machine is comfortable enough to give you a smooth mowing experience. The Briggs and Stratton engines are always a great investment as they offer great power and speed. The Swisher is definitely an unbeatable machine when it comes to movability and time-saving features.

One of the amazing features is its deck lift. You can easily change or sharpen blades without the need for any extra machines, like a lifting machine.


Engine Horsepower: 24HP

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons

  • Foot-assisted deck lift
  • 8-gallon fuel capacity
  • Features a powerful 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Good-quality build
  • Initial investment cost

Final Verdict:

The Swisher ZTR2454KA is a powerful mower that helps you get the job done in an effective and quick way. The machine is powered by a 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. With its 54 inches cutting deck, the Swisher gets the job done pretty quickly.

Not to forget the foot-assisted deck lift; it gives you easier access to reach the deck’s bottom without tossing and turning the toolbox for other equipment, like a lifting machine or jack lift.

Customer Reports
R. Spangler

This is an exceptional quality mower. Very responsive and maneuverable. With the 54″ mower deck an Gator blades, it makes short work of cutting the lawn. I installed a 48″ snow blade on mine this past winter and it had plenty of power for the Michigan winter. There is just nothing like the maneuverability of a zero-turn for plowing snow.

8. Ariens IKON-X

Ariens IKON-X


The Ariens IKON-X is a powerful mower from a well-known company. This definitely comes under the category of high-quality machines that are sturdily-built to last more than a couple of years. This mower sports an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable mowing experience. Moreover, the IKON-X has a 52-inch cutting deck that helps you mow a large area in a shorter period.

If you have a landscaping business, you don’t need a lot of workers for this job if own this mower. It can literally save your time to focus on other operational areas of your business. Powered by a 23 horsepower Kawasaki engine, the IKON-X is a great value.


Engine Horsepower: 23 HP

Cutting Width: 52 inches

Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gallons

  • A powerful 23 horsepower Kawasaki engine
  • Features an ergonomic design for a comfortable mowing experience
  • A 52-inch cutting deck
  • Less-fuel capacity

Final Verdict:

The Ariens IKON-X is definitely one of the best investments so far. Features like a 52-inch cutting deck and ergonomic design give you enough comfort plus quick and effective performance in a short period. This zero turn mower is unbeatable since it is backed by a powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine.

Customer Reports
Dr. Mark

Almost like the name ‘Porsche’, A name says it all, Ariens has been around a long time, making quality snow blowers, zero turn mowers, and other fine products. This is considered a residential grade mower, but the way it is built, the sturdyness, and the Kawasaki engine, speaks of close to commercial grade quality. I looked up the Kawasaki engine specs, and the torque is high even at slower speeds. Some jobs might not need you to run the engine speed at maximum, and yet you still get great torque at a lower engine speed. And I like the bright orange color, reminds me of the early MOPAR muscle cars, and their bold colors. Grreat mower at a very competitive price!

Sean Graves

Plenty of power. Decent on steep hills over 15 degrees, just make sure you go down hill. A little rough riding even with the springs under the seat though. To be fair I have 2 1/2 acres in western Washington and the rough part hasn’t been tamed yet. Overall I love this mower and at a decent price.

9. Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61


Boasting a great design, Husqvarna MZ61 is definitely one of the powerful machines that can work long hours and even has the capacity to perform under rough work conditions. If professional landscaping is your thing, this zero turn mower will prove to be the best choice for you. It also ensures providing comfort to the one operating until the last minute.

If you have to mow a large area frequently, which probably take hours to complete with a traditional riding mower, this zero turn mower with a 61-inch cutting deck can complete in a shorter time period. It can definitely allow you to focus on other areas as well.

Moreover, the machine boasts a powerful 27 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. They are definitely one of the best engine providers in the whole industry.

There are a lot of features that are specifically incorporated to keep the operator comfortable at all times. The Husqvarna MZ61 also sports seat belts for extra protection and safety in case you have to work on a hill or steep surfaces.


Engine Horsepower: 27 HP

Cutting Width: 61 inches

Fuel Capacity: 5 gallons

  • Powerful 27HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 61-inch cutting deck
  • Seat belts for extra safety
  • High speed
  • Expensive
  • May not perform well enough on tall grass

Final Verdict:

The Husqvarna MZ61, beside a couple of cons that are definitely not deal breakers, is a powerful machine with a 27 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. It boasts an ergonomic design which provides comfort to the operator in case of long working hours.

Customer Reports

I bought this mower on line for my 64 year old mom and her property. So easy to do, price was good they dropped it in front yard. It does come in a crate and my husband did struggle a little breaking the crate apart but he has mowed 6 acres in 4 hours which normally take 8 to 10 hours. This mower was a great purchase.

Stephen Tryhane

Great mower had it 6 months, no problems works really well.

10. Ariens Zoom Kohler 6000 Series

Ariens Zoom Kohler 6000 Series


If you are looking for reliability and power, you should invest in the Ariens Zoom Kohler. It is a residential mower with some great features. This zero turn mower features a compact design, making it easier to work in difficult areas of your yard. Despite its compact design, the Zoom Kohler’s 50-inch cutting deck will save a significant amount of time.

Powered by a 21 HP Kohler engine, the mower works pretty well in a quick and efficient way. Unlike other traditional riding mowers, the Zoom Kohler ensures a faster job. Moreover, this mower utilizes fuel pretty efficiently.


Engine Horsepower: 21 HP

Cutting Width: 50 inches

Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gallons

  • Comfortable seats
  • Foot-assisted deck lift
  • Ability to choose from seven cutting heights
  • Good-quality build
  • No headlights
  • No hour meter

Final Verdict:

If you want a mower for residential usage, you should consider the Zoom Kohler for the investment. The machine is robust and powerful yet features a compact design to operate in difficult areas of your lawn. The quick and efficient mower has a 50-inch cutting deck to trim at a comparatively faster rate. Powered by 21 horsepower Kohler engine, the mower does its job efficiently.

Customer Reports

Love this thing! Great product and very well built. I was very impressed with it!

Eric Albarado

Incredible mower for the money!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Manufactures the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower?
There is a galore of commercial zero turn mowers available on the market, but the main thing to note here is that you are making a wise decision while making the purchase. For this purpose, you have to consider a few things. The primary thing of paramount importance is the engine used in the machine under consideration. In short, look how much power it can actually put out?

The best engine producers on the market are Kawasaki and Briggs and Stratton. These two are known to build high-quality engines with great power and efficiency. If you come across any ZTR mowers incorporated with any of the two engines, relax because you are in for a good deal.

The next thing you should look for is the mower’s suspension. If you in search for a commercial grade mower, you should look for a full suspension device. The mechanism of a suspension device will not only provide you with a comfortable mowing experience but also allow you to have the most out of your machine.

Another main thing you should look for is the cutting deck. Make sure to go for the best cutting deck. Commercial no turn mowers are able to cut a large area in a short amount of period since they are equipped with a larger deck. However, there are other things you should take into consideration when looking for a zero turn mower.

There are many commercial mowers that push the grass up with the slanted front. On the other hand, they have features other than a large deck which make them the best choice. So, in order to make it a wise investment, research and analyze every feature individually. If we talk about the best and the most reliable manufacturer of ZTR mowers, we will highly recommend Husqvarna.

This manufacturer undoubtedly constructs the best mowers in town. If you want to have a mower in your backyard upon which you can totally rely on, Husqvarna should be the ultimate choice.

Comparison Chart of Commercial Grade Zero Turn Mowers
There are a lot of commercial grade zero turn mowers available on the market. However, when it comes to good quality, performance, and price, there are three best that outperform others.

HusqvarnaAriensPoulan Pro

Husqvarna is indeed one of the best residential zero turn mowers. They are known to manufacture the best-quality machines. Husqvarna has a lot of options when it comes zero turn mowers. They manufacture machines that are known to provide efficient results and are comparatively quieter.

If you want a professional cut, Ariens should be the choice. For efficient and quick performance, they have the best machines for this job. And if you are particularly looking for a quieter mower, invest in Ariens.

If you are looking for a commercial grade zero turn mower, wait a little right there and spend on Poulan Pro. It is a top-quality mower that too at a budget-friendly price. You will have all of the benefits with this no turn mower. If you have a large landscape to work on, this commercial mower is definitely the best investment so far.

What is a Zero Turn Mower?
Zero turn mower is an innovative concept to save you from the hassle of mowing a lawn that usually takes long hours to complete. These are a genius invention for homeowners who want to save their time and energy. Zero turn is actually the ability to turn on a zero degree turn radius. In simpler words, zero turn mowers have the ability to turn around without any need for an extra ground.

These lawn mowers could prove to be a great investment if you are particularly looking for something that can save time, energy and efforts at the same moment. Also, these machines ensure a good trim. There are certain controls to operate the machine which are not quite easy to learn.

How to Lift a Zero Turn Mower?
As we discussed earlier how these mowers are great to invest in, maintaining and servicing them can prove to be a bit difficult if you don’t own any relevant equipment. These machines are comparatively heavier; hence, they are more vulnerable to get damaged if you try lifting them up without using any appropriate machinery.

The correct way to lift these heavier machines is through a lift jack or lifting machine. These equipment/machines are specifically designed to lift these huge-sized machines. It will help you reach the deck’s bottom to change or sharpen the blades.

Do Zero Turn Mowers Have Brakes?
Unlike traditional riding mowers, ZTR mowers do not sport any foot pedal brakes. However, there is a way you can slow down your machine, obviously. The machine’s levers determine the speed of the mower. The machine won’t move as long as the levers are neutral.

To move the machine forward or in reverse direction, you must push back the levers to their neutral position to slow down the machine at a more comfortable speed. In case you want to pause or park the mower, all you have to do is remove the blades and turn on the parking blades.

Types of Zero Turn Mowers?
Though there is a wide variety of zero turn mowers available on the market, it is necessary to know the features that make them different from each other. While most of the ZTR mowers boast the same general structure and design, there are certain features that make mowers different from each other. The first type is a residential ZTR. These are specifically manufactured for estates not more than two acres.

These types of mowers help to get the job done in an efficient and quick manner. This is especially beneficial for those people who don’t have time to give a makeover to their yards.

If you want to use mowers on a daily basis, you should consider the prosumer. As compared to residential ZTR mowers, prosumers are more efficient and perform quicker. Since you will be using the mower quite frequently, it is ideal for long working hours without any damage to the machine. These are an ideal buy for those who own a landscaping business or have a large area to work on and have a limited budget to invest. They are definitely better and stronger than residential ones but not as robust as commercial grade mowers.

The final type is the commercial grade ZTR mower. They are the most powerful and sturdily-built mowers of all. They usually come with distinctive features, easy control system and powerful suspension device. If you have a landscaping business, and you are willing to splurge over a bit, this model can prove to be a good investment.

Is Zero Turn Mower Worth It?
Mowing a lawn is definitely a time-consuming and dreading task and many homeowners just hate the process. However, with the advent of this innovative creation, ZTR mowers, the game has changed These machines have turned a tedious and irritating task into a convenient and easier process. Even though there are a lot of benefits zero turn mowers have to offer, many people still have second thoughts while purchasing a ZTR mower.

While there are many features and benefits this machine has to offer, you should always consider a few things before making a purchase. If you have a yard not more than an acre, it is not smart to invest in a zero turn mower. Even though these are manufactured to save your time and energy, these mowers won’t be of any use if you don’t own a yard big enough for them to function.

Invest in these machines if only you own a yard more than an acre. However, still, to know if you are getting exactly what you need, always compare the features and capabilities of machines under consideration. Always make sure if they would perform well under your working conditions.

Generally, for properties that are more than an acre and have about 3 to 4 working hours, it is good to invest in residential models. For properties that have more than 3 to 4 working hours or for a business owner who is limited by budget, go for a prosumer model. On the other hand,  if you are a professional landscaper and is in need of a machine that is durable and efficient, you should make an investment in commercial-grade zero turn mowers. Another main thing to know before making an investment is the type of ground you will operate your mower on.

If your mowing ground consists of hills and inclines, you should make sure to not use a mower on an inclination exceeding 10 to 15 degrees because that would be too steep.

What To Look For While Buying A Mower?
There are always a few things to consider while buying any machine and so has these ZTR machines. Before investing in any type of mower, there are a few important things that differ mowers from each other which should be considered beforehand.  Following is the list of features you should look for before deciding on the best zero turn mower.

The last thing on this list is the weight of machines. You definitely don’t want to invest in heavier machinery if you will be working on larger areas. Also, the machine should be light enough to lift up via a lift jack or lifting machine. 

Top Pick: Husqvarna 967271501

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn MowerThe Husqvarna 967271501 boasts one of the top designs on the market. The materials and components are sturdily-built to last long. With its powerful Briggs and Stratton engine, this machine does its job in a quick and efficient manner.

They are probably one of the most popular engine producers in the industry. Briggs and Stratton are known to manufacture the best quality engines with a promise for long-lasting life.

The machine also boasts oversized fans for cooling. All the features along with an ergonomic design have definitely proved it to be a good investment so far; hence, it becomes our top pick as well.

Premium Option: Ariens 25HP

The Ariens could prove to be the wisest investment decision if you are particularly in search of a commercial grade zero turn mower. The material and other parts are strong enough to last long. The overall design and structure encourage easy movability across the lawn.

Powered by 25 horsepower, the Ariens has exceptional performance and is able to cover large areas in less amount of time. It also gives you the option to choose from 9 different cutting heights, so you have an option to choose the ideal height for an ideal trim.

The machine sports a massive 6-gallon fuel capacity to put you through long working hours. Moreover, its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable mowing experience.

Great Value: Poulan Pro P46Z Briggs V-Twin

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-TwinThe Poulan Pro P46Z is a smart investment that has the ability to save a significant amount of time that too at an affordable price. This machine has the ability to save your time more than a traditional mower.

At this powerful speed, you can actually utilize your time on other operational areas of your business. With its 46-inch cutting deck, you can move the machine around the lawn quite easily.

You can consider this machine compact enough to reach difficult areas while covering a larger area in each pass. Backed with powerful 22HP, you can save your time and fuel at the same.

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